Located at the heart of the cities, Galeries Lafayette are involved in the public space and participate in promoting the work of artists.

From July 5, to July 31st, 2017, the exhibition Oh couleurs ! Le design au prisme de la couleur on view at Musée des Arts décoratifs et du design de Bordeaux, presents an out-of-the-walls installation: on this occasion the designer Ionna Vautrin transforms two windows of Galeries Lafayette into a fairground, and at the same time presents the ZOO collection, edited by Eléments Optimal in 2016. Made after the many shades of the colorful fabric Hallingdal 65 designed by Kvadrat, the animals from the ZOO collection plays their part in a joyful, mechanical ballet. Pandas, whales and toucans, soft and oversized pillows, attaching stuffed toys for youngs and olds attest of the designer’s taste for projects involving the representation of animals. Each animal is one meter high. At the height of a child, they create a familiar, friendly and diverting presence.

Ionna Vautrin’s work could be qualified as the product of the encounter between poetry and industry. She draws daily object with the ambition of making them altogether simple, obvious and surprising. Her projects bring together geometric and organic forms, a mischievous and colorful spirit, intuitive and functional use.

Ionna Vautrin - © Galerie des Galeries
Ionna Vautrin - © Galerie des Galeries
Ionna Vautrin - © Galerie des Galeries

Carnival Animal Workshop

"This collection of costumes invites children to slip into the shoes of animals of all kinds, from the most tamed to the most savage. In a sober but expressive spirit, each animal is composed of a large cape topped with a generous coloured mask. The animal's body becomes a refuge in which the child is free to move and where he can hide or expose himself at will! Each animal has its own character: a ferocious crocodile, a mischievous bird, a benevolent bear, a wolf on guard, an astonished octopus or a banter rabbit... Their large black and globular eyes accentuate their crazy personality! This joyful zoo of Ionna Vautrin will be able to be declined through different coats thanks to graphic and material variations."
Ionna Vautrin

Workshop for children aged 6 and over from 4 to 6 pm.

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