For the event “Vitrines sur l’Art”, Galeries Lafayette invite artist Philippe Ramette to imagine a work for the cupola of the department store.

As the windows on boulevard Haussmann dress up with the colors of the programming of events set in eight major Parisian institutions, the cupola will receive for the first time a work designed by an artist. Philippe Ramette’s Éloge de la contemplation (Le Temps suspendu…) [The Eulogy of Contemplation (Suspended Time…)] echoes with the exhibition All That Falls, conceived by Gérard Walcman and Marie de Brugerolle on the theme of the fall, and presented at Palais de Tokyo from June 6 to September 7, 2014.
Faithful to the poetry that he conveys in his works, Phillipe Ramette elaborated an installation the universality of which came into dialogue with the cosmopolitan public of Galeries Lafayette. At the edge of a wooden footbridge starting from one of the balconies, a man, represented by means of a white sculpture is seated on a platform and suspended to a balloon. The man who took care of removing some of the wooden boards from the footbridge is fully enjoying this moment of contemplation.

Philippe Ramette could have been this character who, few meters above the ground level, took this makeshift footbridge to reach a unique viewing point. The artist is accustomed to challenges. To take photographs of which he is the main character, he was able to dive breath-holding in the Red Sea, or to hang at a balcony reversed in water at the Hong Kong harbor. The wooden footbridge reminds us of an adventure film, suggesting the possibility of a fall, a well-represented motif in the work of Philippe Ramette. Éloge de la contemplation (Le Temps suspendu…) revives the with the image of the romantic hero, irremediably alone, and aspiring to the infinite.

The Contemplation - © Galerie des Galeries
Le La tour du Monde
by Joël Andrianoméarisoa
Invited by Galeries Lafayette, Joël Andrianomearisoa presents a whirlpool of poetry under the cupola.
The Contemplation - © Galerie des Galeries
Quasi Pagan Modern
by Haegue Yang
Invited by Galeries Lafayette, Haegue Yang invests the cupola of the Haussmann department store with Quasi Pagan Modern.
The Contemplation - © Galerie des Galeries
La tour Eiffel
by Toiletpaper
Invited by Galeries Lafayette, Toiletpaper takes over the cupola and imagine an original installation.

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