From September 6, to October 10, 2018, as part of the Galeries Lafayette “Go for Good” initiative, Galerie des Galerie is hosting Sanctuary of Stillness, a space devised by British couturier Stella McCartney on the theme of meditation, the discipline that has shaped her daily life for several years and enriched her understanding of the world. “How meditation makes you more creative” could be a description of this project, which has been devised as an invitation, a moment of introspection for each one of us.

When she created her label in 2001, Stella McCartney asserted her commitment to responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion, and associated the label with the same personal values that she brings to work and partnerships in her studio – values that inform her whole approach to life. The inspiring environment has been constructed by Faye Toogood’s London studio, using environmentally friendly materials, processes and techniques, as well as elements of traditional craftsmanship.

Stella McCartney invites visitors to wander slowly through this space and to experience, observe, feel and be part of a gradual awakening of the senses. Sanctuary of Stillness is an invitation to a beautiful sensory experience.
To delve deeper into this exploration, Stella McCartney has invited American filmmaker David Lynch to give the first French screening of his Foundation’s latest film. It is an initiatory journey, a kind of testimony to the power of meditation over the creative process, there at the very heart of the Sanctuary.

Stella McCartney's Sanctuary of Stillness - © Galerie des Galeries
Stella McCartney's Sanctuary of Stillness - © Galerie des Galeries

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