Pedro Winter imagines a space to find inspiration, to listen, to experiment and to discuss music. Symbolic figure of the music industry, he invites us to share his passion during a series of masterclasses moderated by Radio Nova's journalistes to discuss links between music and fashion.

Galerie des Galeries is hosting a series of masterclasses moderated by Radio Nova’s journalists to discuss links between music and fashion.

Rap and fashion, inseparable?
Raphaël Malkin in conversation with Ichon

Ichon has been writing love and apology letters since he was 11 years old. He has kept talking about his everyday life and his anxieties through his rap that combines various influences. He does not only work with music: he has founded his own clothing brand, Dumaiii, and he models for the greatest contemporary fashion designers.

Today’s music, tomorrow’s designers?
Alice Pfeiffer in conversation with Piu Piu, Pedro Winter and Etudes

DJ, author and performer, Piu Piu explores several aspects of electro music through her various activities. She hosts radio shows, organizes the Groovebox parties, and has created the creative duo Imaginary Club Experience with Antoine Bertin, which proposes immersive sound experiences.
The recognised label and multifaceted collective Études is altogether a fashion brand, an artistic direction studio and an art books publishing house. Established since 2002 between Paris and New York, the founding members of Études explore various fields among which graphic design and visual arts.

Fashion as gender assertion in the music industry?
Géraldine Sarratia in conversation with Kiddy Smile

Kiddy Smile is an artist, a DJ and a music producer. He is also one of the faces
of the French voguing scene – a movement born in the underground New York
gay clubs in the 70s. The House and electro sounds of his songs are completed with texts and video clip which address questions related to sexuality and gender within black communities.

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MASTERCLASSES - © Galerie des Galeries
Music Machines
Jusqu'au 24 juin, les Galeries Lafayette se transforment en gigantesques Music Machines et concentrent les rendez-vous musicaux. Live, happenings, ateliers participatifs, vitrines animées et sélection mode, tout a été pensé et orchestré !
MASTERCLASSES - © Galerie des Galeries
Stéréokids, le 1er festival de « musique des grands enfin accessible aux enfants » s’installe pour le plus grand bonheur de vos enfants aux Galeries Lafayette !
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DJ Set
La mode aux rythmes des platines À l’occasion de « Music Machines », radio Nova s’installe aux Galeries Lafayette Homme. Découvrez chaque dimanche jusqu'au 17 juin des DJ sets énergisants et pointus, avec des DJs maison mais aussi des talents qui montent.
MASTERCLASSES - © Galerie des Galeries
Donnez du rythme à votre shopping !
Partez en balade musicale avec Faith France, l’expert des solutions digitales et musicales. Donnez vie à votre shopping avec une sélection de playlists adaptées par Pedro Winter à chaque mood de la journée. Rien de mieux pour se mettre de bonne humeur ! Rendez-vous, jusqu’au 17 juin, au 3ème étage du magasin principal.

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