From June 26 to August 18, Galerie des Galeries will present Savoir Faire Savoir, a new exhibition that takes you on a creative journey to discovery of the applied art atelier of La Maîtrise, an internal furniture publishing house at Galeries Lafayette. Historical archives and contemporary creations interact in a dynamic of modernity and weave links between pattern and object, heritage and contemporary, art and utility.

Founded in 1922 and directed by Maurice Dufrêne, the applied art atelier of La Maîtrise designed a large collection of modern furniture for the department store from which the first creations by Charlotte Perriand, Serge Mouille and the Adnet brothers were created. “Practical works of irreproachable taste, responding to the public's favour, as well as to the current needs of life" are daily produced and illustrate the creative spirit of French artists. These works highlight a national expertise of French manufacturers, whose shields still adorn the pillars of the dome of the Haussmann department store today.

Dedicated to the foliage motifs, the first part of the Savoir Faire Savoir project revisits the creative process of La Maîtrise through a programme of artistic commissions made to artists, creators, contemporary designers in collaboration with artisans and living heritage companies.

WE DO NOT WORK ALONE produces a collection of everyday objects created by artists Florentine et Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize , Benoît Maire, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Marion Verboom. Offered for sale, these creations, which testify to exceptional know-how, reflect our times and reveal our environment, lifestyle and social ties while perpetuating the tradition of a certain way of life or “art de vivre”.

Based on the foliage motifs of La Maîtrise, the students of the Duperré School have been invited to imagine contemporary designs for exceptional items as well as decorative and architectural features that characterize the department store.

Objects produced by French craftsmen and living heritage companies: Faïencerie Georges, Société d’Impression sur Etoffes du Grand Lemps, Gilles Tarvenier – ferronnerie d’art, HM Bois Design, Atelier Andésite and Fermob.
Motifs made by Ecole Duperré and Marine Bedouin, Graphic Designer.
Design by NOCOD. In collaboration with Bildung.

Savoir Faire Savoir - © Galerie des Galeries
Savoir Faire Savoir - © Galerie des Galeries
Savoir Faire Savoir - © Galerie des Galeries


Since 2015, WE DO NOT WORK ALONE has been designing objects for everyday life in collaboration with contemporary artists. More than thirty objects have been published by the publishing house, using industrial or artisanal know-how to carry out projects of confirmed or emerging figures in the artistic scene. This publishing house was born out of a desire to make a contribution to the long-standing issue of the links between art and life. Such an undertaking underlies a desire to democratize art, to build the conditions for proximity with it.

On the occasion of this exhibition, WE DO NOT WORK ALONE had a free hand to invite artists to work in the manner of La Maîtrise and thus build a collection of everyday objects published in small series and produced by French living heritage companies.

The choice was made by Florentine & Alexandre Lamarche-Ovize, Benoît Maire, Pascale Marthine Tayou and Marion Verboom, personalities from various backgrounds but with a common sensitivity to the decorative arts, to the question of the object and the everyday. It was a question of finding the companies whose know-how best suited the artist's intention and project, creating the possibility of a confluence.

Savoir Faire Savoir presents the fruits of this dialogue between the artists and Faïencerie Georges de Nevers, Gilles Tavernier - ironworker, Société d'Impression sur Etoffes du Grand Lemps, the garden furniture manufacturer Fermob, and the lava stonecutter Andésite. A dialogue accompanied by WE DO NOT WORK ALONE and Galeries Lafayette for a contemporary interpretation of La Maîtrise.

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