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associated exhibition
An exhibition curated
by Samuel Gross
From 24 February until 28 May 2016


An exhibition by Samuel Gross


This work has been published on the occasion of “ALL OVER”, an exhibition by Samuel Gross, presented at Galerie des Galeries from February 24 to May 14, 2016. 

Based on a saturation effect, the show brings together works that all exhibit a pattern of vertical stripes, a recurring theme in the history of art and of fashion. Hung on a mural by John M Armleder, abstract works by artists of various backgrounds and generations accumulate and interact.


Curator and art critic Samuel Gross began his career in 2007 at Geneva’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMCO) under Christian Bernard before he became gallery director at Evergreene, where he organized various exhibitions, including the work of Blair Thurman, Émilie Ding and Delphine Coindet. From 2012 to 2014, he headed the Speersta Foundation in Apples, Switzerland, and continued his research around exhibition design with artists such as Ayse Erkmen, Philip King and Dan Walsh. From 2006 to 2014, he taught at Geneva’s High School of Art and Design (HEAD) and in 2015 at Lausanne’s École Cantonale d’Art (ECAL).

Regular edition
Size: 19 x 25 cm / 32 pages
Copies: 1 000 ex.
Publication: April 2016

price : 15,0 €
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