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M/B. met en scène
la collection P/E
Galeries Lafayette
par Laetitia Ivanez
From 10 February 2017 until 4 March 2017

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@GaleriedesGaleries #GaleriesLafayette 

M/B., created in 2011 by Marine de Bouchony and Camille de Laurens, have taken over the Galerie des Galeries to showcase the Galeries Lafayette spring-summer collection designed by Laetitia Ivanez.

Offering visitors a fun and colourful vibrant journey, Marine and Camille bring Laetitia’s inimitable spirit to life in an inspiring display, words and images. Their connection: style, humour and creative thinking.
While navy blue sets the overall tone, colours and prints give impetus to Laetitia Ivanez’s line-up. Clothes are suspended, balancing almost precariously, effusing style and sensitivity all the way. up the walls– an uninhibited expression and declaration of the designer’s spirited style.

Laetitia Ivanez has given fresh inspiration to the Galeries Lafayette own-label Women’s ready-towear collection. The collection is designed with today’s outgoing, inquisitive and always-on-the-go woman in mind. Her positive energy shines through in this minimalist wardrobe featuring precise cuts. « I was born in ‘68... The street has always played a big part in my life. I’m just an everyday girl who likes everyday styles. I want everyone to be able to dress stylishly. I want fashion with broad appeal – clothes that are affordable and make you feel good! The collection I’ve created for Galeries Lafayette is intended to have a lot of heart. I want it to be this summer’s hit – what women wear when they dance barefoot on the tables, get home in the early hours of the morning, fall asleep with their makeup on, leap into swimming pools fully clothed... Sometimes, clothes are enough to make you happy. Colours should also bring colour to your cheeks! Happy, spirited fashion is my aim – and I want others to share in it. Fabrics need to show character. Today, women are thirty for thirty years. And they need clothes that stay with them. Galeries Lafayette is like having a little bit of the Eiffel Tower with you all the time, everywhere. Galeries Lafayette IS Paris! Have a great summer, everyone! ».

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