At Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées, choreographer and performer Michelle Tshibola brings together the dancers from the House of LaDurée for a voguing ball celebrating the initiation rite of a young novice. Transcending genres and codes, Rituel takes us on a tour of the department stores', transforming it for one night into a ballroom scene for France's first voguing House, where each member can reveal and assert their identity.

Michelle Tshibola (France) is a dancer, performer and choreographer. A member of the first French Voguing House, she recently created her own troupe "Venus Noire", with the aim of opening a Parisian Queer and Noir cabaret open to all.

A film by Michelle TSHIBOLA

Dancers Bambi, Madame B, Tiny, Onyx, Clyde, Shigo, Glocy, Mamiwatta, Malick, Jolie Garce, Mary Jo, Rajah, Blackmoon, Sergina, Jérôme, Lyvan, Matyouz, Youssou

Music & Sound mix Matthieu DENIAU

Editing Ludivine CAMBUS
Cinematography Jonathan MENIALEC
Color grading Pierre MAZOYER

Line producer Amélie LELONG
Personal Assistant Georges Eperonnier & Marylou WEBER
Grip Gaspard CHRISTIN
Gaffer Melissa SAANDNA & Jazza MAHI
Make-up artist Sabine JUPITER
Unit manager Romain BOUVILLE
Post production STUDIO ORLANDO
Graphic designer Marie-Mam SAI BELLIER

Misia Films Violeta KREIMER, Valentina MERLI
Production assistant Clara EON
Galeries Lafayette Guillaume HOUZÉ, Cécile LARRIGALDIE, Pauline TOULOUZOU, Marie ARTIFONI, Maëlle CONAN

Special thanks to
Les Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées, Vincent SÉNÉCAT et ses équipes

Thanks to Mélanie MATRANGA, Lazy Flow, Amélie COSTER, Jacques Etienne STEIN, Anne France BOURGEOIS, Coline LECLERQ, CONTROL FILMS, MOONWALK FILMS, RVZ, Isola Edipo

Rituel - © Galerie des Galeries
Rituel - © Galerie des Galeries
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