ANDAM : 1989-2019
30 years of the Development of Fashion Arts
September 12–December 16, 2019
Savoir Faire Savoir
A creative journey to discovery of the applied art ateliers of La Maîtrise
June 26–August 18, 2019
an original installation conceived for Galerie des Galeries
April 12–June 09, 2019
Demain, le vaisseau chimère
An exhibition by studio GGSV
November 08, 2018–January 27, 2019
Always Someone Asleep and Someone Awake
An exhibition proposed by Arlène Berceliot Courtin
December 01, 2017–February 25, 2018
Le jour qui vient
An exhibition curated by Marie-Ann Yemsi
March 28–June 10, 2017
Hans-Peter Feldmann
A solo show by the German artist
October 14, 2016–January 21, 2017
All Over
An exhibition curated by Samuel Gross
February 24–May 28, 2016
Alex Prager
The first solo show of the artist in France
October 20, 2015–January 23, 2016
Idées multiples
An exhibition conceived around eight limited-edition works
June 10–September 12, 2015
An exhibition by Karina Bisch
March 04–May 09, 2015
Grand Magasin
An exhibition of Philippe Jarrigeon
September 23–November 15, 2014
A stage-exhibition by Xavier Veilhan
May 28–August 23, 2014
La Tyrannie des Objets
An exhibition curated by Alexandra Fau
October 16, 2013–January 04, 2014
1912-2012: Chronicles of a Creative Itinerary
October 16, 2012–January 26, 2013
Into the Woods
A proposition by Daria de Beauvais
January 26–March 17, 2012
A series of seven exhibitions
October 01, 2005–January 07, 2012

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